The Kočevje region is surrounded by many paths that can be explored on foot or by bike.
Beautiful unspoiled forests, amazing nature, clean water and fresh air are inviting you to come and explore.


One of the best-kept MTB parks in Slovenia is certainly the Kočevje MTB trail centre, which offers descents along some of the well-maintained mountain bike trails that run along the Stojna mountain range. The park has several skill polygons and a dirt park. For more information, you can talk to us or go directly to
Cestno kolesarjenje

Road cycling

The Kočevje region offers virtually traffic-free roads, where you can ride road or other types of bicycles. Take a look at the map and choose your tour.


Let the fresh forest air into your lungs and feel the pulse of nature’s life. The Kočevje forests are interspersed with countless paths for you to discover. You can go on short hikes or even spend a few days hiking along the marked hiking trails with various levels of difficulty.
Kočevsko jezero

Lake Kočevje

Lake Kočevje is of artificial origin and was formed at the bottom of a mining basin, from which brown coal was mined daily until 1978. Lake Kočevje is considered to be one of the cleanest lakes in Slovenia and is home to many animal and plant species. In summer, the lake is perfect for swimming, SUPing and sailing, meanwhile you can recharge your batteries by the beautiful lake, walking, fishing, reading books on the shore, etc. at any time of the year.